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Currently, VBR has 100 tractor trucks, 200 trailers and approximately 100 outsourced vehicles, plus a container terminal of 57,000 square meters in Rio Grande and another with an area of 25,000 square meters in Bahia.
The company's own fleet and third-party trucks, undergo constant mechanical revisions in their own dealerships. This ensures customer security that your cargo will reach the destination. The driver also has the tranquility of drive a truck that offers security to his life.
To work in VBR, the driver goes through a rigorous selection process, the same applies to those who are employees of outsourced carriers. Professional skills are valued and even personal and social conduct of the professional. For example, the person may not have a criminal record or be registered with the credit bureau


620, Vereador Benno João Kist Street
Santa Cruz do Sul | RS 96820-688
(51) 3717-8100

IE: 108/0108065

Simões Filho | BA

Rio Grande | RS

Itajaí | SC

Cabo de Santo Agostinho | PE

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